Brainstorm Cards - 52 Ways to Generate New Ideas


This is a collection of 52 cards to help you brainstorm and come up with new ideas.  You can download and share these for   free.

How to use the Brainstorm Cards?

  1. Start from a challenge or problem.
  2. Use the cards to be inspired individually first. Come up with ideas for 20 minutes.
  3. Share ideas in team and build further on the best ones. 

Why are there 4 types of cards?  
In this card deck we have four main starting points for innovation:

  • New Technology
  • Regulation
  • Customers or Societal trends
  • Market

Sidenote: A special thanks to Gilles Renard (BNP Paribas Fortis) who  co-triggered the development in our recent collaboration! 


 If you don't want to download and  print out the cards yourself, you can order them online.
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