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Use our free digital icons in Powerpoint, Omnigraffle & PDF to design your own business model in no time!

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What is this?

A tool to visualise your way to make money (in team).  

Our business model kit is a visual brainstorm method, perfect for individual and teams to brainstorm about new business ideas that creates clarity on value streams and stakeholders.

Why should we use it?

Discussions on business models often end up in total confusion. You’re talking about multiple revenue streams, tens of partners, and many transactions going back and forth. It’s hard to keep all information top of mind, let alone be creative. Also, creating multiple business models gives you a plan B in case you need to pivot.

When to use it?

Opportunities or moments to use the business model kit:

✔︎ When teams are still exploring monetisation options, partnerships.

✔︎ To align a team on how the ecosystem around an idea might look like.
✔︎ To set up different revenue models to compare during brainstorm sessions.

✔︎ To present your business model to a large group.

✔︎ Best when past problem fit gate or when pivots are needed later in process.
Be sure to check out these  business model examples and info on how to use them.